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  G-Tools Plug-in  

G-Tools FireFox Plug-in

Quick and Fast access with G-Tools FireFox Plug-in !

Add G-Tools search to your FireFox search window

FireFox is a OpenSource Browser that speeds up your web browsing experience. It also has highly extesible Plug-in architecture.Download FireFox
All you have to do is just to click the link below. It will installs G-Tools search function to your FireFox search window. Please access and click with FireFox browser.

Add G-Tools search plug-in
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Once installation finished, Please restart your FireFox. Now you can select G-Tools on FireFox search window pulldown. You can use keybord short-cut " Ctr + k ", and input keyword to search G-Tools. It's a easiest way to generate Amazon associate link to your blog.

If the installation doesn't work with the link above, download the files below and copy them to the windows folder of "¥Mozilla firefox\searchplugin".

plugin source file(src)
plugin logo image(png)

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